Picking a Font

We needed a font for our project.

We looked at http://www.dafont.com/ to find fonts to use. We wanted to use one constant font all the way through the projection map because then they all will match and it will be a constant through the film.

We looked into comic fonts and we found one called SF Slapstick Comic. We tried it but we thought it took away the seriousness of some of the words, for example pain. We didn’t think it was serious enough and matched with all the words.



We then tried Comix loud. What we didn’t like this font because of the ‘I’ because we couldn’t have it as a big I. We didn’t like this because it seemed childish.



The next font was Bright and Beautiful. We decided against this font as we thought that it wasn’t enough like comic nook founts, so doesn’t link to our theme.


We then looked at Buddy Champion Expanded. We liked this one the most as it was close to comic book fonts but it was also simple.



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