Making the sign

We decided to make a sign for our project because we thought it was quite hard to understand if you didn’t know what it was about. We wanted it to outline the what the project about and sum it up.

For insiration we looked into posters with a comic style. One we liked was this one:


We liked it because of the colours and how ‘old school’ it looked. We decided to use these colours to help ours stand out more.

We found a similar font on It was similar and we thought it was effective and easy to read.


When it came to making the poster, we used similar colours.


We really liked the overall effect it gave as it was simple and stands out. After looking at it, we made the blue colour brighter so it would be easy to read in the dark bar.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 10.12.54 AM.png

After this, we printed it off and attached it to a board.


Once we did this, we put it under the light next to our projection.


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