Finished Exported Copy:


For this project, we were given the brief to create a projection map for the Comic Arts festival in Kendal. These projection maps would be then projected onto a wall in Ruskin’s. They all had to be based around the work of Mark Millar.

Ideas And Concepts

For this project, a lot of it was pre production. After we generated ideas, we decided on a rough idea. This was having 2 images showing at a time. These images would show Mark Millars characters. These characters would be showing the same emotion, but one would be a good character and one would be a bad character. We liked this concept because it meant we could show lots of different Mark Miller characters without it just being a boring slide show.


We kept on developing this idea as the project went on. We decided that instead of having a good and a bad character, it can be any character but showing the flip side to the same emotion. For example, a child playing with toys; then a child fighting. They both show different interprtations of adolensece/childhood and shows how a character handles it.

Did we achieve what we hoped with the ideas and concepts

I think with our key concept which was showing the characters reacting to certain emotions or events worked well and came through in out final projection. When we did the first draft we had the words at the bottom of the screen that linked the 2 pictures together. We thought putting the words there would make it obvious what the theme was. We took it out in the final projection because we thought it would make the audiences think more. However, some audience members might not have understood it.

On the other hand, we did stick to our original concept and stuck with it. Although the idea kept developing, our original message and meaning behind the projection stayed the same.



  • The main feedback we got from our peers was when we created the first draft edit, all the images were static. It was suggested from feedback that we make them move within the circle. This made our film more effective because it added more depth and made it look more professional.



When we got feedback from our tutors, it was mainly during the editing process.

  • The main feedback we got in our first draft was that we had the writing at the bottom of the screen that was the word linking the 2 images together. When we were evauating the first draft, from the tutotrs feedback, we decided to get rid of the writing and let the audience decide what linked the 2 images together.



We had a problem collecting our audience feedback. We made a questionare to put on the bar in Ruskins, but the bar took it down on opening night. This meant that we didn’t get any audience feedback that we expected to get. However, we did get some feedback off Julie Tate.

“The enthusiasm for and commitment to the brief were exemplary I think. The students created projects which were challenging both our audiences and themselves and it paid off. The reaction from creators, audiences and Mark Millar too was of surprise and appreciation in that the students had taken raw material and made it come to life in new and unusual ways which was, of course, the brief! It was an incredibly short timescale within which to research, develop concepts, negotiate in teams and then realise whilst, at that same time, dealing with the obvious constraints of the venue. It fitted perfectly with the event and was a development from previous years so thank you”.

This is brilliant feedback as it shows how much we stuck to the brief and the audiences liked our work. It was important for Julie Tate to appreciate our work because she is the one that set the brief.



Audience was a large part of making our instillation. This is because it was a public instillation and needed to add to the overall look of the bar Ruskins, one of the main bars in Kendal that takes part in the festival.

When we looked into audience, (Blog post: https://izzyfilm.wordpress.com/2016/10/05/audience) we found that people viewing the instillation would be he most popular audience is 16-25 years olds; people with a strong interest in comics; and a split between male and female. When we created and designed our instillation, we kept these factors in mind. However, we also knew that a lot of people that would come into the bar might not know who Mark Miller is or know any of his work. That ‘s why we kept it simple and showed a verity of his work. This meant it was more like a showcase of his work, rather than a boring slideshow. We didn’t want to make something that would just appeal to Mark Miller fans, so what we did was a better way of showing his work.

Overall Success

I think that overall the instillation was successful and worked well. I think that the instillation looked minimal and tidy, therefor making it look more professional. It defiantly added to the over all effect of the bar.

If I was going to do this project again, I would’ve made sure we made the area we projected in look better. For example, we originally planned the have 2 large wooden circles on the wall to project onto. This would of made the projection look neater and more finished. Another thing I would do differently is get a wider variety of Mark Miller comic character. Mainly, we stuck to around 3 comics, but there is a lot more comics then that. It would’ve been good to get more verity of characters to make our projection show the variety of Mark Millers Work.


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