SWOT Analysis


  • One of my strengths is titling. Titling is important as it is usually the first thing you see and gives an impression for the rest of the film.
  • Another strength is looking at colours and layouts of shots.
  • One of my strengths is creating content and developing stories/characters/scenes.
  • Another strength I have is pre production.
  • determined


  • Something I could improve on is sound recording. In all the films I’ve made, the sound recording has let down the film
  • Another weakness I have is editing. It’s something that I defiantly need to work on as it really adds to the successfulness of the film. I find it difficult because I find it very repetitive.
  • People see me being a perfectionist as my weakness. This is a weakness because I can get distracted by small details and get distracted from the brief.
  • Sometimes I find it hard to find motivation. This means I’ll be unproductive and can fall behind.


  •  I want to do some film work experience to help me gain more skills and knowledge of the film industry.
  • I know someone who is a writer who could help me find work experience.


  • A threat that I could face is competition. There are lots of better people then me at film and have been in the industry for years with a lot more experience.
  • There isn’t any big production companies in the area or near by.
  • Pressure


From going over my swot analysis, I have outlined what I need to work on and my strengths. This will help me for this project and future ones, but also writing CVs and personal statements.

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