Flea – Short film BBC

Flea is a short film, commissioned by the BBC. It is Directed by Vanessa CaswillIt is about a 15 year old girl who lives on a council estate. She has an abusive step dad who constantly torments her and her family. The film is built up of spoken word dialogue  which is accompanied by music which keeps the tone of the film throughout. The music switches between upbeat to slow and sad within seconds of a scene change.

When Caswell  originally read the script, she didn’t think it was very good. But as she read more, and saw that it was made up of spoken word, she realised how different it was and how much she wanted to work on it. She decided that the character Flea should be payed by a female. She said “I was actually really delighted Flea ended up being a female character because I am definitely of the mindset that if a protagonist can be played by a female then it should be.There are a disproportionate amount of male protagonists, and anything I can do to shift that I will!”

In my opinion I think the film is very successful and definitely stands out. I think what makes it so successful is the spoken word. There’s lot of short films about ‘rough’ girls on council estates, who have an abusive family member and a hard life. However this film shows it from the girls perspective through spoken word, giving her insight to what’s happening. This gives it more depth and more emotion than the other films. Although the shots and colours didn’t stand out it made up for it in the way the film flowed together.


Research: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tv/entries/7c2f8743-1c83-3ec4-92cd-cbd3a54f662f



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