Future Goals

When looking at my SWOT analysis, I began to think about my future goals. It helped me outline my positives and weaknesses in filmmaking.

A goal of mine is to carry on with further education to gain knowledge of the film industry and skills I need. This will help me get to know how to make films more; work on a specialism; and learn key skills. To achieve this I need to apply for universities that specialise in film courses which will help me gain the knowledge and skills I need.

One of my future goals are to work on a high end film set doing paid work. This will help me get experience and work in a professional atmosphere. To achieve this I can keep getting work experience on different sets, starting on low budget. By doing this, I can meet more people and get contacts. This is one of the best ways of going up in the industry. I can also look for jobs online, in newspapers or other places for jobs.

Another goal is to direct my own film. This doesn’t have to be a massive film or a long film, but I want to direct something at a higher standard/professional looking with a crew. I can achieve this by carrying on making films and gaining experience on directing people. This will help me advance and get to know people who can do the individual jobs well.

Furthermore, another goal I want to achieve is winning a film award. This doesn’y have to be a big award, but an award I can say is very good. By getting an award, it will help me get bigger audiences and for people to respect my work more. Also, I am more likely to be hired if I have awards that I’ve won. To achieve this I can start making independent films and entering them into small competitions.

In conclusion, I have a lot of goals for the future that will relate to film. I need to start building up experience and finding out more about the film industry, so I can one day achieve these goals. Hopefully in the next 5 years I can do these things and look back and think all the work I put in is worth it.

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