Idea Generation

This morning, I generated some ideas for our film. I’m concentrated on directing, so I knew I didn’t want something with loads of dialogue or narrative, but more visual narrative.


I think the idea I’m drawn to most i the idea of doing a visual essay/story. I think this is because I find visual story telling more then interesting then dialogue and obvious narrative. By doing a visual story, it means I can concentrate on laying out the shots and the planning of the film, which is what I enjoy most.

With this idea, I expanded by thinking about what I could do. I wanted to have it surrounding one character. It could follow a certain period in there life or an emotion they are feeling. This could be something like falling in love or a mental disorder. I wanted to explore this idea further and if it could be possible to do it. I made another idea generation mind map:





Idea Generation – Development

Because I’ve been away for a week, I think instead I’m going to make a film poem. This means I can focus more on the layout and visuals of the shots, and directing the film, rather then spending lots of time making a script.


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