Research – Film Poems

Film Poems

For my project, I want to make a film poem. To do this I wanted to research other people’s work to help inspire me.

This is an example of a word poem which I found on Vimeo. They have definitely used the idea of visuals to tell the story. The poem isn’t closely linked to the visuals and is a story in it’s own right.

My favourite thing about this film is the colours and composition. The use a very washed out colour pallet with a small grain. This adds to the film by making it look more rustic and warm. However, they contrast the warm shots with cold ones to symbolise darker and sadder moments in the story. It helps the audience understand the emotions of the characters and what is happening in the story.



‘I Fell For You’

This is another really strong example of a word poem. I think what makes it so strong is the long shots. The shot will represent one line from the poem, but carry on for a while. I lot of word poems change shot every new line.

Another thing is that the visuals are extremely strong. They’ve defiantly focused on the visual side of the poem to make the film more powerful and rememberable. They mirror 2 of the main shots (the girl walking away from the camera) to show a complete change in mood and story. Another example is using the exact same shot (the girl lying on the grass) to round off the story and come back to its original point to the story.

To find out more, I spoke to the director of this piece and he said,

Well a bit of inside into ‘I Fell For You’,

I wrote the visual script before I had written poem. 
And then from their I used the visuals that I wanted to shoot as inspiration for the words.
So if you have any clear images you want to shoot (i.e. for me, the bike on fire) or scenes then play with those idea’s and write something to match.
Best of luck,



This film poem is based around dog and human friendships. I think this is a strong and powerful film poem because the visual, music and poem are all very touching. It creates a very warming emotion by using all those three components together.

The visuals in this film poem is also warm, which makes the audience feel positive emotions. It is also has a washed out filter over the top, which makes it more dreamy and loving.



‘Where we Dwell’

This poem is based around sports. The poem isn’t actually about sports, but the director/writer interpreted the poem and made it his own. By putting the visuals with it, it makes the poem relate to sports.


‘There I seek’

This film isn’t so much a poem, but a visual essay. I looked into this film because I really love the way the visuals are shot. It tells a story of someone travelling, without giving context with a voice over.




OWL is another film poem about four young people and there stories. They are all tied together rather then doing it in 4 separate paragraphs. I really like this film poem because of the way it is shot. The colours all stand out and have been thought about a lot.


The other thing I like about this poem is the way the poem is read.



From this research, I have found that looking into my shots in detail will make my film look a lot more professional and clean. It will make the emotions come through a lot more to the audience and show the story I want to portray. The next step is looking for a poem and deciding the themes and emotions in my film.


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