Changing my Idea!!!

Something I’ve always sworn to do is never change my idea half way through a project, but I’m going to do it. The reason is that the film poem just wasn’t inspiring as it isn’t something personal or close to my heart. Instead I’m going to make a film based around feminism and the negativity against woman.

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3 Responses to Changing my Idea!!!

  1. Dom Bush says:

    Google the Women;s Equality Party conference Izzy. This could be really important research and something really interesting for you to get involved in in the future. Many of the talks that took place over the weekend are now on You Tube!


  2. Dom Bush says:

    The fact you have changed your idea at this stage freaks me out somewhat but it’s good that you recognise the importance of following something you are passionate about. The work you have done to date is still valid too so you are not too far behind; you must keep your new idea simple though and make some quick progress.
    Great blog post on the characteristics and contexts of your specialism and well done for making contact with some directors, I hope that has been useful to you.
    Good research coming through as ever Izzy and you are showing a great deal of commitment to your blog. Well done for your hard work so far.


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