Marketing Startagies

Comparing and Contrasting Marketing Strategies

Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of three companies (let’s call them A, B and C for now!)

Dreamtime Film –

Dreamtime Film is a small film company in Cumbria, who make a range of different films.

There main strategy is a website that talks about what what do and there projects. It’s a very simple opening page and isn’t overly capturing or professional. I think this is because the colour scheme is very bland and there is a lot of writing. It would be better is it was built up of capturing pictures.


There only other pages are twitter and vimeo, which can be found on there website. However, they have all there contact information online. But something that was a bit different to other companies is that they have a tumblr, which is more of a young persons platform.



Lancaster Filmmakers Co-op – (

This is a film company/group of armature filmmakers who want to make films together and get more experience in Lancaster.

This is probably one of the worst websites I’ve seen. then one have one page on the website, unlike ‘Dreamtime Film’ who have lot of sections to find specific information you need. It is also very plain and boring, and extremely armature. It doesn’t look professional so isn’t very eye catching.


They also have a Facebook group, YouTube channel and blog to keep people updated. So they do have other media platforms to keep audiences updated and members well connected.

Lunar fb 2.jpg


Ben Barden – (

Ben Barden is a photographer and filmmaker who works in cumbria.

His website is defiantly the most professional and eye catching then the other examples.  He lays it out neater so it’s not all in your face, but isn’t overly simple. There isn’t loads of writing, but instead eye catching images, then the top line is links to different pages and information if you are look for a specific thing. This is a much better website then the others.

ben barden.jpg

Ben Barden also has other link, like facebook and twitter. These are all well linked together as they have the links back to all over media platforms they have. I think that this company is the most sucessful because its well connected and it looks very professional.



About Dreamtime Film

How many people are involved in company ‘A’ and what are their roles?

Company A is ‘Dreamtime Film’. The only person who is named on the website is Tom Lloyd. There is a brief biography of who he is and the context of the company. However, it doesn’t say what his exact roles are. It does suggest that he owns the company and the ideas are all his.

What kind of image are they projecting? For instance, do they appear professional/well organised/experienced/creative/personable etc?

I think the website makes them seem professional, but defiantly not a high end company. It’s very simplistic and layed out well. However, I think the colour scheme makes it seem more tacky and less professional. A more simplistic scheme would of been better, for example 2 block colours that complement each other.


How does company ‘A’ use the internet to get work and build a following? (explain the marketing strategy)

Dreamtime Film uses there website as there primary source of infomation. They also use twitter as another internet platform. However, this is all I could find for them. I think this shows that they aren’t very well connected with there audience as there’s a lot of other media platforms to use, eg facebook; linked in; youtube; vimeo.

Can you find a company that does things completely differently?

Cold house Collective ( themselves very differently. They have a huge web of different social medias that all link back into each other. As well as having a website, they have facebook; vimeo; and instagram. All these websites will gain a large audience as all the websites have a different average viewer. EG, instagram have a younger viewing age.

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