How to Film a Studio Interview


For this project, I am creating a interview style film in a ‘studio’. I have never done this before so it important I look up: how to set it up; lighting; colours and planning.

How to Light the Set

I wanted to look up videos to help me work out how to light the set. I found this tutorial on Vimeo which I watched to help me improve the film: ‘Basic Interview Lighting Techniques. Part of the SMAPP series’ (below). 

It talks about three point lighting, which is a simple lighting set up we’ve briefly covered in class last year. This is the idea of using three lights in different positions to stop shadows and make the image more clear. The diagram below also shows angles and intensities to help make sure I get the right. However, these might not be exact as it depends on the position of the person and the place you’re filming.



Background Colours

In a lot of the videos I researched, I noticed that they all had different colour backgrounds which mirrored the feeling of the film. For example, the light hearted film for FCKH8 is a bright pink, but the advert for Sure is a dark green as it’s a more emotional film.

For my film, its a more emotional film therefor it would be a darker colour. I think black is the safest bet for my film. This is because the colour wont take away from the girls speaking and the main message of the film. However, the black might absorb the light, so if I have access for a white sheet, this might work just as well.







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