My General Idea and Development

I have a short time to make this film, so it needs to be short and easy to make. From my research I have discovered that using personal and real stories are the most effective way of getting a reaction from the audience. From this I thought it would be better to do an interview style film.

My Idea

My idea is to get around 5 different girls talking about different stories where they’ve been discriminated against. This will then overlap and the cuts will get closer together. The shots will be of closeups and will have the girls talking over the top. The sounds will then slowly mumble and turn into white noise.

A voice over will then start while the shots and noise carries on. It will talk about how people are sick of these stories and they all seem to blur into one. But then say how important it is to talk about them and that each story needs to be heard to make a change. Once this has built up, it will end on one of the girls saying a closing line that will sum up the film.

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