The Edit

The first stage I went through in the edit was converting and downloading the clips I found during research. This took up the main bulk of my time, organising and logging them. This was important because it meant I knew where everything was and what I needed. I added markers into the clips so I knew exactly which parts I needed.


Once I did this, I found some music to be the base of my film. Getting the music was important because it keeps the flow and the pace of my film. I decided on the music ‘Days Are Long.’ I wanted a song that was emotional, but not too distracting. I liked the song, but the more I listened to it, I started to question it. I learnt from the last project to get feedback. Therefor, I asked my peers and tutors. Most people said it worked, so I kept it in.

I then began to create the introduction to my film. I wanted to first few clips to be powerful and intriguing to hook the audience in, and show what the film would be about. I tried lot of clips, but went with the ones that had the strongest and most shocking verbal messages rather then nice shots.

Once I had recorded the sound, I added it into my edit and began to build up the clips around it. I wanted the clips that were being shown with the voice over to match and stay relevent, so that’s where I started. I then added in clips and images around this, making they all flowed well together, with the voice over and with the music.

To help organise myself I colour co-orinated my timeline, with different sections being in different colours.

When picking the credits, I didn’t want to use a colour on black. I decided to go for a different colour scheme. I used a clear, spaced out font so it was easy to read. I decided on the colours because I wanted to use a feminine title colour, but have the main colour as neutral. This is because


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