Specialism Evaluation – Film 3



For this project, the brief was to chose a specialism and create a film. I chose directing becuase I love the planning stages of making a film, and then directing the cast and crew to create your own film. 

However, I don’t think this project went very well for me. Although the final film was sucessful, I think the pre production stages weren’t as it was disjointed and unproductive. This was all to my own doing, but I understand my mistakes and will learn from them. The evaluation is an important stage for me as I can see where I went wrong and review them so I know what to do next itme. 

Pre Production Evaluation 

The fist stage was analysing the brief and making sure that I broke it down, so I know what was needed to fit the brief exactly. (https://izzyfilm.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/film-festival-outline-of-the-brief/)

The next stage was looking over my specialism. I outlined briefly the roles of a director, and went into more detail about the context and characteristics of one. This was an important process of my project as it helped me understand more of what I had to do and what was expected from me in this project as a director.

Furthermore, to help me progress further as a director, I researched and contacted some directors. This helped me by asking questions that I wanted to know to help me advance as a director and to support my project. I contacted Ben Fitzgerald and Tim Hautekiet, who are both young directors which I admire.

After this I started idea generating. (https://izzyfilm.wordpress.com/2016/11/22/idea-generation-3/). From this I decided that I was going to create a film poem.

I then began to research film poems.(https://izzyfilm.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/research-film-poems/)  This was an important stage in my project even though I decided not to do a film poem because it helped me develop my knowledge of film and I also looked into shot types and colours.

After this stage, this is when I decided to change my idea. (https://izzyfilm.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/changing-my-idea/).  I think this was an important decision for me, because I usually have one idea and stick with it till the end. But the ideas I had were all dead ends and I had no motivation. I knew by changing my idea I would feel more motivated and be able to move forward with the project. I decided to create a film based around femism, as it is something that’s close to my heart and important to me. After this decision, I went straight on to looking into feminst films and adverts. This stage helped me as it gave me ideas on what sort of film I wanted to create and what topics to cover. 

From this I decided to write a voice over and make a film surrounding film females close up, with the voice over running over the top. Once I had written the voice over, this is when I had another wobble. I decided not to film, as I wasn’t prepared and had a short period of time to film in. I decided to build up my film of stock footage, which I had already looked into. I think this was the best decsion to make as I wasn’t in the right place at the time to film, and if I had filmed, the footage wouldn’t have been very good, making the whole film a disaster. 
Overall, I think the pre production stage was very disjointed and not very productive. However, I got it all done, even if it wasn’t to my schedule. I need to learn from this experience and make sure that I am confident in an idea before I persue it. In past projects I have made defined lists that I needed to stick to, which I didn’t. I need to make sure that I go back to the way I used to work, and not let myself get distracted in one of the most important stages of a project. 



Production Evaluation

In the end, I didn’t actually shoot any of my own footage. I think this was best for me because of the time limit and where I was during the project. Therefor my production stage was very simple.

The main part of the production stage was recording the sound. When sound recording, I found a sound booth to record in. I waned to record in a sound booth because it would mean I would get cleaner sound, which would make my final film be more professional and watchable. I new my final film would be lacking that extra emotion if I didn’t record clean sound, as the voice overs message would be lost. I made sure the recording levels were constantly at a maximum of -12, while still making sure it didn’t peak.

I think my sound recording went very well. It was one of the main parts of filmmaking I wanted to work on, and one of the tasks I set myself for this project. 

Post Production evaluation

To start the edit, I downloaded and logged all the stock footage I found online from the research stage. It was important to go through them and mark out where the important parts of the footage was because some of the footage was long clips, therefor it would take me a long time to keep coming back to them to find the bits I wanted. I did this by putting markers onto the points where I’d cut in.

When laying out my timeline, the first thing I put in was my music. This was because I wanted the cuts to flow well with the music, as it would add a more professional and well timed effect to my final film.  Picking the music was an important task because it would set the tone for the film. It needed to be emotional, without distracting the audience from the stock footage or the message within the spoken word. 

I started out by making the introduction to the film. I knew that the first few clips would be the most important, as it would draw the audience in and need to be shocking. I tried out a few different ones, but eventually deiced on the ones that had the strongest message within what they were saying. This would make audeinces want to see more and also be shocked.

When adding the sound in, I made sure that I split it all al and made the gaps between each senetnce bigger, whilst still making sure it made sense. I wanted the clips that were being shown to match with the voive over, but not make the cuts forced. For example, cutting when the sentence ends seems a forced cut as it’s obvious.

Once I had finished, I finalised the credits and the titles. 

(add screen shot)
I think the pots production stage was the most productive and efficient. I think this was because I was set on what I was doing and I sat down and did it with no distractions. I also made sure I was extremely organised and layed everything out well. I made a schedule for this stage specifically so I could stay on task, and put in extra hours so it could up to standards. 

Overall Evaluation

 I’ve learnt that I really need to trust myself and my instincts. I think I kept going back on ideas because I wasn’t confident enough in myself and thought that it would be bad whatever I do. I need to make sure that next time I put myself in the right frame of mind, and leave all other problems outside of a film project as I think that’s what made this project a disaster. 

I understand this project was one of my worst for me, even though I was extremely excited about it because I would get free range and show my most postive areas. This project instead showed me more about my weaknessess. However, I don’t this as a negative. I have learnt a lot about what I need to do in future projects and what I need to work on. 

Even though I didn’t do much directing, I’ve learnt what is expected of a director and there roles. I definatley didn’t stick to my speciality, which was the brief, but I understand where I went wrong. In the end, I think I made a good film after everything that went wrong, which I’m proud of. I will learn from my mistakes, and I will grow becuase of them.

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