11/2.2 & 11/3.1- Portfolios and Social Media


      One of the most valuable tools you will possess as you move forward in the film industry will be your portfolio. A place to compile your best work, it will showcase your talents and be the first port of call for those who are interested in employing you. It must be professional, well designed and constantly updated. You will use Vimeo to create an online film portfolio featuring your best work and a stripped down version of your bio.


For unit 11, I need to create an online portfolio. I can do this by creating a vimeo, but I also think it’s important to create professional social media pages that all link into each other. When I researched marketing strategies (https://izzyfilm.wordpress.com/2016/12/01/marketing-startagies/) I found out that the more professional and sucessful filmmakers linked in lots of different social media accounts that all linked to each other. I discover that this is a sucessful way of making a business and getting your name out there, as it reaches lots of different audiences.


To help me write a bio, I looked into different peoples social media accounts. There is a contrast between social media sites and websites. Normally social media sites are one or two sentences, whereas websites are longer. Therefor, I will look at both.


Land and Sky Media – http://www.landandskymedia.co.uk/about/


Land and Sky Media is run by Dom Bush. This bio is on the website in the about section. His biography is short and very to the point. It’s been split into three distinct sections:  about the company; about Dom Bush; and sponsors. This is a sucessful bio and it isn’t really long, so that it isn’t boring to read, but gives enough information so you know what the company is about.

Cold House Collective -http://coldhousecollective.com/about/


Cold House Collectives about page is very similar to Land and Sky Media. It’s split into 3 sections: a tag line; what they do and who they are; about the awards they’ve won. I think using a tagline is an effective way of opening a bio. This is because before you start reading the whole bio, you get an overview about who they are and what they do.

Conclusion and My Biography

From my research I have discovered that most people have 2 different biographies, one that’s in detail and one sum up sentence. I have also discovered that they are written in 3rd person. I think this is because it makes you as a person seem less self centered and more professional by distancing yourself. Therefor, I’m going to write my full paragraph in third person.

My biography:

Izzy Pye is a young filmmaker based in Lancashire. She has recently won Gold in the national competition WorldSkills 2016 for Moving Image, and currently studies Film Production.

Whilst specialising in fiction filmmaking and directing, Izzy has also gained experience in creating promotional adverts, multi camera theatre performances and short documentaries. She can plan, create and edit films to a professional standard, whilst following the clients needs and brief.


Social Media Accounts



I decided to make a Facebook page to help promote myself as a filmmaker. A lot of people use Facebook as there main media platform, and use it to keep connected to there audiences. Facebook is used by a range of different people (ages, ethnicities, professions.) Furthermore, when I become more professional, you can advertise your page so it targets audiences in your area to gain viewers. It helps me take the next step into being a professional filmmaker as it helps me gain audiences.

I made the title of my page my name and what I do as it gives a clear understanding of who I am before even clicking on the page. I also set my profile picture as me working a camera. to show this further. I set my cover photo as one of my favourite shots I’ve taken as this shows people the quality of work I do without seeing any of my videos.


I put in all my information, including website and other links. I’m going to regally update it with progression posts and advertisements to help me build up a larger audience to help me build up a professional career.



Vimeo is a good website to show all your work as a filmmaker. It is the most used for filmmakers over youtube because it’s more professional and reliable. This is because on youtube, after every video it comes up with adverts that can sometimes be inappropriate which can give a bad impression. On the other hand, Vimeo only has films and professional videos on so it gives a positive impression.Vimeo also has featured videos in a section called ‘staff picks.’ This is the staff favourite videos of the week, and can help people look for new types of filmmaking and people that are featured gain audiences. The down side to Vimeo is that you have to pay money to upload large amounts of work, but on youtube you don’t have to pay for anything. However, I think that it is worth it to make sure you come across as a professional.

I’m going to use it to upload my work onto and make it into a video portfolio to help me display my best work. I’m not going to upload all my work, as I want the films to be shown to be more professional, and show the best.

The videos I will upload will be the ones shown on this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCTDop0Q29dY70LuESdasoj-QCvxaDL2-

However, the down side to Vimeo is the fact you have a weekly limit. I only uploaded 2 videos before it ran out. So, I’m going to upload my films slowly, and use youtube until I can get all my films on.




I already have a youtube which displays my best college work, with links to other projects I’ve done for other people. I chose youtube initially because  a lot of people use it and it’s how they connect to filmmakers or making videos. Most people have a Youtube account, so if they see one thing they like they can subscribe and keep seeing every time I post.

I want to slowly more all of this to my Vimeo instead, because I think that youtube isn’t professional enough. The only problem is that some of the people I’ve worked for upload onto there youtube, so I link it in. I will have to talk to them and see if they would use a Vimeo or ask for permission to upload it onto mine.




I decided to make a website to help people contact me, and to show I’m professional and to link all my work together. I decided to create a website on Wix.com as it is free and easy to use. You pick a template and work from there. I chose a simple layout so my page is easy to navigate. I then built it around the template, adding in a biography, my work, and links.

My opening page is my show reel so people can see the best of my work as there first impression. It also has all my links at the bottom so people can find me other places instantly.


I then added my specialties. I think this is an important thing to add because it shows people straight away what I do. Camera operating and editor aren’t completely my strong points, but people will see it and see that I know all parts of filmmaking.


Next, I added my best work. I added my favorite shots from each, so audiences get a good first impression for each. Once you click, it takes you straight to the film.


I then added about me. I put it after everything else because I think that it’s not as important as audiences seeing my work. If they want to know more they can click the link, but it’s not relevant straight away.


Finally, I put my links and a contact. I added a message direct section because it’s easier then following the links and people are more likely to contact me if it’s easy.



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