FMP – Idea Generation


We started the first step of the process of creating our film: coming up with some initial ideas. We talked about our first ideas for our FMP in pairs and shared them with the groups. It’s important to keep my mind open to new ideas and to keep developing them. This is because there’s always problems within film ideas and they constantly develop to make them better. I know I want to do something surrounding female equality, or the movement the goes with it.

My First Idea

I would go with the theme identity. My starting idea is to have a gang of girls that are ‘extreme’ feminists. They go around an art gallery destroying art work as they believe it’s sexist. One girl doesn’t want to be there, and by the end of the film she stands up to the group leader and tells her what they are doing is wrong. The main message of the film is that feminism isn’t about destroying what’s happened or judging men or females, it’s about doing things for yourself not other people. Eg, modelling for pictures because you’re confident in yourself, not doing it for other people.


People said it was an original and cleaver way of portraying the story. The feedback I had was that I would need to spend a lot of time researching and creating the art work/scene to pull off the film. I also need to be careful about not offending people or upsetting them.

Second Idea

Another idea I had was making a music video type film to classical music, of an old lady looking back on her life through different ages. The main message of the film is showing who she was and how lonely she is now.


Finished film: (password: dandelion)

We created a film with the drama students about homelessness and leaving home, which a big issue with people our age. Creating the film was an interesting experience because I was director so I was in charge of a lot of people and making sure everything got done. I am proud of the finished film, although I know there’s things that could’ve been changed. I think for how long we had to do it, it was a really good and productive film. It’s important to look back at what you would change in a film, as it makes the next one better by changing the mistakes.

Something that I would’ve done differently is tried to of organised the shot list more. We didn’t make on, but we had a general idea in our heads. I think if we made a shot list and story board, we would’ve been able to keep to schedule more and make the shots better and use more cinematography. Having strong cinematography is important because it gives a more pleasing look, and audiences respond better to films that give an aethsteic and clean look.

Something else I would’ve done differently is developing the narrative more. This links into the cinematography because visual story telling is very important within filmmaking. This article from DSLRguide called ‘VISUAL STORYTELLING IN FILMMAKING’, says “It’s one thing for a character to say exactly how they are feeling, but if can get them to show how they’re feeling then that frees up the dialog for other uses. How often to we mean exactly what we say?”( I completely agree with this quote as I think that within a character, there’s always a hidden story, like with real people. With our film, all the narrative was portrayed by the characters. We didn’t expand on the characters or the story, therefor the film becomes shallow and too simple. Next time, I need to make sure I expand on the characters and story like I did last year for my FMP. I looked into the costumes so I could expand on the characters (1st year FMP – Character Design), which gave my final film more depth and helped the actors get into the characters.

Furthermore, I think I should’ve been more authoritative. As a director, you should have the final say and be making the decisions. I think that in this project, I found it hard to be authoritative because I didn’t know the actors and I think I let that get in the way of making decisions. It’s important for the director to be authoritative because someone needs to be in control and a leader. If there isn’t someone doing this, nothing will get done. The director makes sure the story is portrayed effectively and the crew and cast is working in unison. I found it difficult working with some of the crew because they didn’t take it seriously. I think next time if this happens, I need to take charge and talk to them and make sure they take it seriously as it would’ve made the whole production more productive and more professional.

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