11/1.2 Creating a Professional CV

A good cv is important when looking for a job. It’s the first thing an employer sees and the first impression they will get of you. A C.V. helps them gain an understanding of your skills and experience so they know if you are right for the job. It also gives them an understanding of who you are and how serious and professional you are. This is why it’s important I have a strong C.V. as I don’t have much experience.

I decided to change my CV to make it film orientated to help me find a job in film, and progress through the business.


First draft:

This is my first draft of my CV. I used on online template to help me create it, and made sure that I made it film orientated. I did this by making my description film related and having all my experience in filmmaking on.

First Draft – CV

Second draft:

After I got feedback, I rearranged my CV so it was in a different order. The first thing I changed was the order of my work and work experience. I put all my film work to the top instead because an employer would see that first and see my experience first as that’s what they need to see.

Second Draft – CV

Final Draft:

I got more feedback off a secondary person to make sure that I didn’t miss out any mistakes. There was only a few grammar corrections but that’s it.



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