Paragraph 4 – Conclusion

Summarise your argument, and define your next step. (100 words)


What are the most critical pieces of information you have found within your research?

Over writing this essay, I have conducted research ti help me reach my end goal. The main information I have discovered is that I need to keep working and finding funding to help me stay on my chosen career path, helping me afford equipment, filmmaking and living somewhere that is close to the film network. I have also discovered that I need to be patient as it takes a long time to get where I need to be. Furthermore, I need to be positive and motivated to keep me going.


How have these critical pieces of information shaped your career plans?

These critical pieces of information have shaped my career plan by making me realise I can’t go straight into doing exactly what I want, and that it will take time and effort.


In light of the research you have undertaken, explain succinctly what your career path is, your end goal, and the critical challenges you will face to get there.

In light of the research I’ve undertaken, I found that I need to work my way up in the business. I’ll try get a job in a production company, whilst trying to carry on with education by doing short courses, and keep working my way up by showing I am dedicated and talented. My final goal is to be an independent¬†director and make a feature film with political and social themes. The challenges I will face is not being able to afford living in Manchester and still being a filmmaker. Furthermore, staying focused and motivated even if I’m doing little, boring jobs.

What is your first step toward your end goal?

My first step is finishing college, and getting more work experience in the film industry. I need to keep building my portfolio up and getting my name out there. I will also try to keep making films and putting them into film festivals. In conclusion, I understand that what I want to do is difficult and will take time, but I have the motivation and have the passion to keep going to reach my end goal.



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