Initial Ideas – Drama Project

For the brief we were given four different scripts to look at and work with. We analysed and broke down each one.

Number One – ‘It’s up to you’

This is a script with one character and a voice over. It’s very abstract as it talks about inner feelings and metaphorical monsters. It’s very a interesting script as you can interpret it how you want, and decide what the character is doing. It doesn’t have a specific feel to it and it is very general.

Our initial idea was having a human testing or asylum theme. It would have a loud voice over, a lot like big brother in the film ‘1984‘, with the characters going crazy.


Number Two – Old Dempsey House

This is a script that was originally in a film and is a small extract. The first impression that it has a horror theme throughout. We had a few initial ideas of taking it literally and having a horror film with a very dark feel to it. But then we took it out of context and thought outside of the box. We thought we could make it funny and have it the film be set after a party and the character is walking through a trashed house, with flash backs to the party and his regrets.

Another idea was that we could have someone with OCD who is tidying and organising.


Number Three – ‘Broken People’

Number three is a poem about imperfections and how people are broken. It very centered on one person looking at others, which gave us the idea to look at lots of people and do artistic close ups of there imperfections, like chipped nails or messy hair.

We also looked into the idea of making it very abstract with one person in a dark room, looking at people and saying the poem.


Number Four – ‘Imagine.’

This script is actually lyrics to the song by John Lennon. We thought of lots of different ideas, firstly the idea of an abandoned world and it starting again. But we realised this would be hard to do in Kendal. We also looked at the idea of coping with grief and how people are connected to the person who’s died.


Deciding on the Script

To help us decide on what script to pick, we made a table for each one and pointed out there pros and cons. We instantly decided that we didn’t like number three, so we wouldn’t look any further into it.


Once we looked at the pros and cons, we were more drawn to 4. We started looking into the idea of showing the connection of people after an event, like a death. After deciding this would be too cliché or boring. This then developed and we talked about someone whos run away and they are all looking for them. But this was too far away from the lyrics and doesn’t make sense to the music. We then talked about what if we focus on someone who has run away and seeking a new life. We all liked and agreed on this idea because we can use the song and we can look at a sense of freedom.

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