Looking for Work Experinece

To help me progress further, I can look for work experience to help me gain knowledge of the industry and learn key skills from experts.



When researching I found this page that is linked to the BBC. It offers work experience of people that want to go into the film/TV industry with the BBC. When it reopens, I can apply to do experience in some of the areas I’m interested in, for example the deign department. This interests me because I like looking into the look and set of TV shows and films, and this would give me first hand experience at doing it professionally.


The Network


The Network is an intensive 4 days in Edinburgh. You get paired with an industry mentor, which will show you exactly how they work and what they do. It’s a very successful program, and can even open doors to the industry.



Tiger Aspect


Tiger aspect is a production house that works with British TV shows. The work experience is 1-2 weeks and is very hard to get. I can submit my CV and cover letter to them to try get the experience for summer.

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