Project Diary – FMP


This week we started idea generation (Idea Generation – FMP). This is the first stage of the long process to creating the end idea. We looked over how to create new ideas and the best ways to be productive.

On Wednesday I had to take the day out because I had to go to hospital. I made sure I caught up on the Thursday. We had to start thinking of ideas surrounding the theme we picked.


This week I’m going to explore ideas, with pros and cons. Also get feedback on ideas and decide on a final one. We are doing this in class, so I’ve scheduled it into my weekly plan. I’ve made a very clear plan this week because I’m missing a day of college to look round a uni.



I’ve now started my idea development for my FMP. I decided to look at my idea and get feedback.  I also want explore styles and where I’m going to go from this point. This helps me a lot as it keeps me focused.
















Small Evaluation of Project so Far

I decided to do another small evaluation about what I’ve done so far. I’ve explored a lot of styles and films similar to main so I can get inspiration for what my film could be like. This has really helped me because I now know can start to visualise it better.

My next step is to start to get the flow and narrative of my film, and decide what will happen. This is the next step as I want to start developing my idea further, to get closer to finishing my film. I can do this by creating a narrative timeline, like I did last year, and add in parts I want in my film. I would also like to start getting an initial idea of the voice over and script.

One thing I really need to work on is my focus as I keep losing sight of my end goal. I need to stay on top of my work and make sure that I set myself goals and targets. Furthermore, getting feedback on parts of my development will help me understand my audience so I don’t get lost in my own idea. I also think I should do some primary research to see what an audience would be interested in. I can post this on social media so I can get a variety of answers and feedback.


This week I really want to concentrate on finishing my script, my storyboard and character/location design. I also want to make sure over the next month, I am on schedule and  ready for the deadline. I made a month schedule for May to keep me focused. I have a lot to do, but I know I can do it if I keep going.


I had a production meeting with Dom, so I can see where I am at and how much I’ve got to go:

Production Meeting Notes – 10/05/17
Script is in final development stage and is ready to be locked in.
Huge amount of work in the development stage exploring all aspects of the film production with critical and reflective writing.
Locations is an area that still needs to be worked on. Plans to go scouting this weekend and take photos to assess suitability of proposed locations.
Feels there needs to be more research on the blog so will work on that next.
Has taken shots from main inspirations (Royal Tenenbaums and Amelie) to help build a storyboard and shot list.
Main stumbling block at the moment is the blue wall for the maternity ward scene. A location needs to be locked in for this and I have suggested using a 8×4 sheet of plasterboard and bring it in.
Most of the shoots aren’t weather dependant so shouldn’t be any major delays in filming schedule.


Today I made a list to make sure I am ready for filming on Wednesday.









I also went into town today, to start getting costumes, props and the paint. I made a lift of the things to look out for.



Today I was scheduled to start doing and finishing the filming for my FMP, but my nan has fallen very ill. So I need to take time off doing my FMP to be with her this week. I need to look over what I have left to do and try schedule my time better.



Wow Izzy. To really excel in the FMP, people have to live and breath it and it is clear you are doing so; the amount of work you have produced is very extensive.
The project proposal gives a clear indication of the direction of the project and has a good schedule and bibliography to back it up.
The ideas generation stage is extensive with some great concepts coming through, to really sure up the grade it would be good to see you justifying the ideas more thoroughly and spending a little more time evaluating but this does come in within the development stage more. You have looked at many aspects of the of the production within the development post which is fantastic.
Some areas for development would be to add to the pitch and feedback post, how did this affect the development of the film and narrative?
Also, the production diary could be more evaluative and reflective listing pros and cons and problems you have faced. This would be more valuable than a running diary that lacks evaluation.
The project is looking very strong and with continued focus could hit your predicted grade of distinction. Well done on all your hard so far and I look forward to seeing and reviewing your rough cut on 7th June.

7th June 2017

Peer and Tutor Feedback

Today we got feedback from our rough cut, from peers and out tutors. This is a really valuable thing to do as it helps us make our edits and final films better. Its also good to find out what audiences think are the best qualities, so we can enhance and use this more .

My written Feedback

From my feedback, there were a lot of common points people made for strengths and ideas for development.

Written Strengths

Story and narrative:

  • Nice narractive
  • Stunning Narrative
  • Like the drawing on the photo

Production/Character design:

  • Character costumes worked really well and establishes them wonderfully
  • Good costume design
  • Costumes
  • Stunning costumes
  • Amazing costumes
  • Set
  • Amazing location
  • Great use of nature
  • Actors
  • Awesome characters
  • Characters are very clear personality wise
  • The way each character is designed, its so so clear what their characters are, they’re all very individual and unique

Camera work and shots:

  • Loved the packing sequence
  • The traveling/packing sequence is fab
  • Good exposure
  • Lovely framing
  • Love the shots
  • Love the camera work
  • Running Shots
  • Some brilliant shots – very wes Anderson
  • Love the sunset shots!!
  • The shots are set very well
  • The positioning of people in each shot is clearly thought out and makes each sot very well balanced and aethstetically pleasing
  • Good lighting on face in sunset shot
  • Complementay colours use is brilliant
  • Beautiful colour contrast in establisher


Written areas for development:


  • Subtitles with ‘tips’ I think should be consistent, e.g. in the same place
  • Placing the text in the shots
  • some of the writing on the running away sequence is hard to read


  • Maybe tone down the colours in some shots
  • Soften colour correction
  • Mess around with the colour a it to bring out the contrast in more colours


  •  Tone down music
  • Add sound


  • Clean lens


  • Narrative needs to be clearer at the beginning
  • Sure it’ll make sense when all together?



Verbal Feedback

As well as written, we sound recorded the session so we could hear what people had to say:


Personal Targets

I decided to set myself some targets from the feedback I got so I can improve my work.

  1. Try and balance the colour correcting
  2. Different placement of the text
  3. Add sound

I found the feedback session really useful as it helped me see what I needed to do, and also give me a boost of confidence. When you watch the same footage over and over, you see so many imperfections you forget whats good.

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