Project Proposal – FMP


Section 1 – Rationale

Two years ago, I started the Film Production course at Kendal College, now I am on the last project before completing it. I have learnt a lot since then, about the technical aspects of filmmaking and who I am as a creative person. Next year, I am going to Manchester Film School, where I will carry on studying film production and specialising in Directing. This project will be an opportunity to develop and practice my chosen specialism. Within this year, I have developed as a filmmaker by using more professional standard equimpment whilst making short films, and becoming more confident within myself and my filmmaking. I want to use these techniques in my FMP to show my development and progress.

Section 2 – Project Concept

The final aim of this project is to make the audience reminisce on their childhood and the dreams they had of escaping a harsher reality. My film will explore the concept of the identity of a young boy as he runs away to a forest to escape to a better life. I want the style of the film to be very childlike, with bright colours and over the top characteristics, until the moment he gets to the wild. This is going to symbolise a loss of childhood and a sudden realisation of reality. I plan to focus heavily on characters and the style, as I believe this is my strong point and when its done it can make a film very engaging and powerful.

Section 3 – Evaluation

Throughout this project I need to reflect and evaluate my work. This is important because it will help me keep developing and not lose sight of the original brief. It also prevents you making the same mistake. I am going to record all my work and progress on my WordPress blog.  I can keep track of my creative process through written work; videos and images. I will upload each stage, focusing on pre production, production and post production.

Project Action Plan

To help make sure my project runs smoothly and I cover all areas of work, I will schedule my time. I will do this by making a list of all things I need to do each week, and when I get to that week, putting them in time slots and days to keep track. This is a good strategy for me because I don’t know what will be happening in 4 weeks time, so organising on the week will make me feel more prepared.

Weekly Plan:

3rd April
  • Final Concept
  • Research
  • Development
  • Feedback on concept
10th April
  • Further development
  • Clear of end product
17th April
  • Explore and research characters
  • Schedule shoot
  • Finalise concept
  • Location Scouting
  • Production Design
24th April
  • Draft Script
  • Draft Story Board
  • Camera and screen tests
  • Feedback
  • 26th Rebecca Day Pitch
1st May
  • Draft Script 2
  • Draft story board 2
  • Further tests
  • 3rd Project Proposal Due
8th May
  • Final Script
  • Final story board
15th May
  • Finalise all production planning
  • Production meeting with cast and crew
  • Finish all pre production documents
22nd May
  • Filming
  • Upload rushes
  • Write up production documents
29th May
  • Start Draft Cut
5th June
  • Rough Cut
  • Feedback
  • 6th FMP Rough Cut
12th June
  • Final Cut
  • Evaluation
  • 15th All Work Due
19th June
  • Release film
  • 20th Box Screening



Idea generation:

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  5. Natalie Neal (2015), ‘Seashells’, (


Idea Development / Production Development:

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  2. khieldava22 (October 2016), ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople Sub Indo,’ (
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Post Production and Evaluation

  1. Now You See it (October 1st 2015) ‘How Film Scores Play With Our Brains’ (
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3 Responses to Project Proposal – FMP

  1. Dom Bush says:

    Well done for getting this written Izzy. Will have a proper look when I get a chance this week.


  2. Dom Bush says:

    This is a great start Izzy. Remember the the critical thing here is to be specific. I know that isn’t always easy.
    I want you to concentrate on the middle section and have a second draft of that by the time we return after Easter.
    ‘they runaway for a better life in the wild’, this is a good example of things that need to be clarified and made more specific. What does this mean? Is it metaphorical, or are they going to live in the woods?
    My suggestion would be to work on the wording and start with this ‘The final aim of this project is to make the audience reminisce on their childhood and the dreams they had of escaping a harsher reality’, then fill in some of the details in the sentences after.
    Well done, see you after Easter.


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