Personal Statement

I remember sneaking down stairs to watch films and TV shows that I was banned from seeing. It was only when I talked to my parents about my giant Jurassic Park style dinosaur dreams and my imaginary friend the Doctor that they caught on. It wasn’t till later on that I became fascinated by how the films were created and crafted.

I would love to be part of the Film and TV Production as it’s a practical and gives me the opportunities to better myself as a filmmaker. The independence that is given to the students at Manchester Film School really inspired me,  and it made me see how the skills I could learn will help them go on to be professional filmmakers when they leave the college.

I am suitable for the course as I am committed and passionate about filmmaking and learning more to better myself. I am currently studying Film Production Level 3 at Kendal College. The course has given me key skills that will help me develop as a filmmaker. However, these are only core skills and I want to develop further. We have worked in all areas of production, pre to post, so I am well versed in filmmaking and what it takes to put a film together.

One of my greatest achievements was winning the gold medal at WorldSkills 2016 for Video Moving Image, a national competition for film students. 60 teams entered into the competition, but only 5 were entered into the final. I was in a team of 4, where I took the role of the director and producer. We had three days to plan, pitch and create a 4 minuet promotional film for WorldSkills based on the theme ‘dreams of the future.’ This gave me an insight into what it’s like to be full time filmmakers, as we were filming in a short time period and under a lot of pressure. Furthermore, it helped me work on my organisation skills. I would say I am extremely organised and good at scheduling. Whilst at Worldskills, I was in charge of scheduling our time so we could finish to the deadline. This helped me during college as well, as it helped me handle each project and make sure I met deadlines, balance all my work,

I have been working as a Ju-Jitsu and martial arts instructor for 2 years, and have trained for 10. I reached my level 2 instructor certificate, showing I understand the philosophy and skills of jujitsu. I have taught children from 3-17, making sure that classes are suited to their skills and level. This job has given me the opportunity to develop my team work skills, as I work with a large team of instructors. Furthermore, it’s given me communication skills as I talk to staff, parents and children. This has helped me with my filmmaking as I find it easier to talk to crew and cast professionally.

After the Film and TV course, I want to go into directing political based fiction films as it is the aspect of film that I am most passionate about and enjoy. Being able to send an important message and change people’s perspectives to help other people is the reason I went into filmmaking. I want to take the independent film path, as I love the freedom it can bring. I think the course will give me the knowledge and skills to be able to achieve my goals.

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