Treatment – FMP


Kevin’s Run for Adventure


Indi-Comedy and Drama

Log Line

Did you ever want to follow your inner instinct to escape to the wild?


A young boy was born on the 5th March 1995 at exactly 10 past 10 in the morning named Kevin Rain. Most parents love there child unconditionally, but sometimes they don’t. From an old tattered book Kevin finds, he decides to follow his inner instinct to run the forest and never look back.


The opening scene shows a ladies hands opening up an envelope. Inside is a card that reads ‘CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BABY BOY!’ The voice over then begins to explain that on that day a boy named Kevin Rain was born.

The next couple of shots introduces the parents and there personalities. We see the two parents, Maddie and Brian, in what we can presume is a maternity room. Kevin’s mother is very extravagant and secretive, with a large circular sun hat and big round glasses covering her face. She holds the baby boy with one hand and smokes with the other. Brian, Kevin’s dad, is shabby looking with an undone suit and stubbled face. For the next three shots we get to know the parents through a voice over. We see that they met at a local dog fight when they were younger, and have been together ever since, living in there small house in the city.

We then get to know Kevin. We see him reading his favourite book about adventure tips. He practices his knots and fires, in preparation of his future travels, until one day his mum throws a shoe at a fly, which nearly hits Kevin. This is when he decides to run away.

This then starts an upbeat sequence of Kevin preparing himself to run away. With each thing, we see a the tips from the book on the screen, showing why he’s doing each thing. Such as, pack efficiently; set up camp; enjoy nature. Which all leads up to a quite shot of him looking out to sunset. He looks out and give a big ‘woop’, symbolising his freedom and happiness.


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2 Responses to Treatment – FMP

  1. Dom Bush says:

    Feedback as of 03/06/17

    Wow Izzy. To really excel in the FMP, people have to live and breath it and it is clear you are doing so; the amount of work you have produced is very extensive.
    The project proposal gives a clear indication of the direction of the project and has a good schedule and bibliography to back it up.
    The ideas generation stage is extensive with some great concepts coming through, to really sure up the grade it would be good to see you justifying the ideas more thoroughly and spending a little more time evaluating but this does come in within the development stage more. You have looked at many aspects of the of the production within the development post which is fantastic.
    Some areas for development would be to add to the pitch and feedback post, how did this affect the development of the film and narrative?
    Also, the production diary could be more evaluative and reflective listing pros and cons and problems you have faced. This would be more valuable than a running diary that lacks evaluation.

    The project is looking very strong and with continued focus could hit your predicted grade of distinction. Well done on all your hard so far and I look forward to seeing and reviewing your rough cut on 7th June.


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