Post Production and Evaluation- FMP

31st June 2017

Logging Rushes

Now I’ve finished most of my filming, the first to any post production process is logging the rushes. I decided to label them as the scene, then the take. This is easier for me because then I can quickly search. I also put them in files where I could easily look for them by name or scene.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 11.11.27

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 11.11.35

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 11.11.53

Creating an Editing Schedule

Creating this schedule will help me keep on task with goals and deadlines, so I can get my edit done on time and know what I have left to do.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.56.20.png


1st June 2017

Assembly Edit

For my assembly edit, I put in the logged rushes on premier I started my assembly edit. This is like the first draft, and the first look of what time film will look like and if it will flow well. It is also a crucial stage to get feedback and opinions.

My edit is still missing a lot of footage, so the assembly edit gives me a chance to see what I am missing.

I did a very quick edit, so I knew the order that the film will be in. Its hard to get the exact cuts right because I don’t have the voice over, or the music, which will be my next step.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 09.13.14.png

Finished assembly edit:

What next

Like I said, my assembly edit is very rough and missing a lot of gaps. I think at the moment it is looking good and I can start to see some sort of a narrative. I want to make sure that I keep on task this week and get the edit finished before the deadline, as I’m not the biggest fan of editing. From this edit I can make a list of all the important things I need to do next.

  1. Find music – I need to get music for my edit so I can start cutting to it. Its hard to see what the pace of my film will be without it, so  this will be the next thing I will do. Also, its a long process so it will be good to get it out of the way.

2nd June 2017

Looking for music

Music is really important in films, it’s sets a tone and atmosphere for the scene. It can also determine how audiences react to your film, as in if it is good or bad.

For my film, I need three lots of music.

  1. Intro through the film
  2. Kevin running away
  3. Credits

These three lots of music are very important, because they will help set the mood for my film and establish a flow. The video below talks about what music to use and how it can help your film. One the main points is how auditory stimulation in movies work. This is very important and relevant to me, because different musics could give my film lots of different moods. If the last sequence was slow piano music, Kevin running away from home could be a bad thing. When its upbeat music, it shows its a very positive thing him running away for freedom.

Introduction Music

For the start music, I want it to be upbeat and happy. This is because my film is light hearted and I want the mood to be set off straight away. I think that I should go with simple music that isn’t too overwhelming because I don’t want the voice over to e lost within it.

“Crowd Hammer” (

I found this music on incompetech. I thought it could work with my film, but listening to it a few times with my edit I decided it was to eery and dramatic. I need something more light hearted then this, and more in the background.

“Fireflies and Stardust” (

I quite liked this music when I listened to it as it matched what I was looking for. I think it could be too cheesy, but I tried it with the edit and it does work. I kept looking anyway incase there was anything better, but this one worked well enough.

“Comfortable Mystery 2” (

I really liked this piece of music, but when I tried it with the edit it was too slow and made my film more somber and a sad, where I wanted it to be more comedic.
What I chose
I decided to go with ‘Fireflies and Stardust’ as I thought it fit with my film the most. I’m not 100 percent on it however, so I will get feedback on it, and then see what people think.

Running away music

For this part of the film, I want an up beat song that has vocals. I would like it to be loud and pumped up music, to stimulate adrenaline and show how excited he is.

Love won’t let you down  (Allie Farris Love Won’t Let You Down FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Vol. 5I ndie-Rock)

I really like this song, and I think the pace would go well with the film. But I think that the singing is too airy, and Im looking for something more adrenaline filled. I also thing that the message doesn’t match my film.

Road Trip (Scott HolmesRoad TripRoad Trip Indie RockPop, Indie-Rock,)

I think this song also works really well with my film, but there aren’t any vocals, so it becomes very repetitive and boring.

Blazing Day (

I really like this song as I think it matches the pace and style of my film. It is copyright free, all you need to do is name the musician. I think this is the best one I’ve found as it will keep the pace going, and I think it also would be good to use as my final credit song too.

Adventure is out there (Joshua James HuntAdventure Is Out ThereJust Let GoRock, Punk, Indie-Rock)

I considered this song, but its too slow for the pace of my film. I don’t think it gives the adrenaline filled scene I’m looking for.

What I’ve decided

I have decided to use the song ‘Blazing Day’ as I think the pace matches the song, furthermore it is up beat and cheery which is what I wanted. I might use it for the credit song as well and keep up the up beat feel.

8th June 2017

Feedback and Post Production Targets

Yesterday, as a class we went through our draft cuts to give each other feedback. I wrote up all my feedback here: Production Diary

From the feedback, I set myself some targets to help me make my film stronger and develop it further as I get closer to the final cut.


  1. Try and balance the colour correcting – I started doing some colour, and these shots worked really well. From the feedback I got people said that I need to try match the colour schemes together so my whole film pops.
  2. Different placement of the text – I got one piece of feedback saying about how the text should be in the same place each shot. I’m going to try this but I wasn’t sure if I can as I don’t think theres one place where it would show up on every shot.
  3. Add sound and music – Once the sound is in, the narrative will be very clear and consistent. Adding the music will give my film a lot more depth and pace, which is something I really need in my edit to show the message of my film.

From these targets, I’m going to carry on editing to make sure that I meet my goals.

Colour Correcting

A lot of my feedback was to do with the colour correcting so I decided to go through and colour correct a lot of my shots. Colour correction is very important to my film as I looked a lot into colouring the film and the production design. I really wanted these colours to pop out and for the whole film to flow nicely.

(Disclaimer!, I came back later on once all my shots were in and added more colour correction to the shots I filmed so I could make it one blog post)

1 – Opening the card (added later)

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.54.01.png

For this shot, firstly it was upside down so I flipped it, but the colours were already nearly there. All I did was up the vibrance to get the final shot


Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.54.06

2 – Hospital 

The hospital shot was a lot trickier to colour correct because I wanted the blues to pop, Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.57.41.pngand also the colours on the clothes without making it overwhelming. The shot was really dull to start with so increased the vibrance and saturation.

I then selected the blues on the shot and increased them. This meant that the blues on the characters weren’t coming out.

The final shot looks good after colour correcting, but it brings out the patches in the paint. So I want to dd an overlay so you can’t see them.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.57.47

3 and 4 – Young Maddie:

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.00.40.png

The shot for young Maddie looks really good, but I want to enhance the colours more so they are more obvious and vibrant. I looked at how I could do that, and went into the colour correcting panel.

I decided to start by bringing up the vibrate and saturation to bring out the colours that are already in the scene. I then also looked at the RBG curve so I boosted the light colours, and brought down the shadows.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.05.05.png

This is my final shot that I decided on, Im really happy with the colours and how much they stand out. The autumn colours make it look a lot more aethstetic.

5 – Young Brian

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.46.35

This shot I really like, but the colours are really dull and boring. I wanted to bring these up and lighten it.

I added the tint again, and mixed up the vibrance and saturation. I also balanced the light and shadows with the RGB curves.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.47.20

This is the shot after colour correcting, which I think looks good because it makes the building have the brown and orange tinge to it. Also, this is normally symbolised with back in time shots, so it works well for this scene.

6 and 7 – Brian and Maddie meeting

The main thing for this shot is that the shot is very green. I don’t have much green in the rest of my film so I wanted to bring them down and bring up the other colours. The second shot of Brian is defiantly greener then the first so I need to match them together.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.00.32.png

To do this, I selected the green in the HSL secondary section, which meant I could change the colours of the green.

I went to the other side of the colour wheel to dull it down and make it less green without changing the colour of it completely.





This is the colour correction I have done. I think it works, but I still think the shot of Brian is too green compared to Maddie’s. I want to come back to it if I get a chance.

8 – House Number 

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.02.59.png

My most boring shot in the whole film is the one of the house number. I want to change the colour of it to make it better and less boring.




9 – Kevins rubix cube

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.05.30 I filmed this shot in front of the window, it’s well lit but some of the colours dulled down a lot from the shadows. I want to bring them back up and brighten it up.

To do this I brought up the vibrance like I did with the other shot. I also added a slight highlight tint to make it have the brown tinge that most of my shots have as this is lacking. I also changed the RGB curves, to bring up the shadows on his face and the brightness in the background.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.10.10.png

I think this shot looks really good, but I’ll need to make sure all the shots after match this colour.

12- Tying Knots

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.14.56.png

I copy and pasted in the shot colour correction for the one before as the lighting was very similar.

The shoe Shots

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 11.47.20.png

I really like this shot, but the colours are very dull. I increased the vibrance to bring the colours out more.

I also added the red tinge to it. This brought out the colour in the wood and the general shot. This makes it match the prior shots and the colours of the film


Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 11.47.38


Suitcase Shot

I really wasn’t happy with this shot to begin with, I even went so far to say I would reshoot. But I decided to give it a chance in colour correction before I did a reshoot. I added the vibrance and colour, but also looked at the shadows. I changed the RGB curves to change the light and dark in it.

It was much better after the colour correction and I thought it worked a lot better with the other shots.

Photo shot

This shot was a lot harder to colour correct. I made the mistake when shooting to have the photo facing a light as it turned round, so there was a large glare on it. I wanted to bring out the colours and make it slightly darker to make the less obvious.

Map Shot

The map shot was easy to correct, as all I had to do was bring up the vibrance so you could see the colour on the map, apart from that I thought the lighting was fine so I didn’t do anything else to it.

Horizon Shot


The horizon shot was really dull when I shot it, but the grass lit up this beautiful golden colour, so I wanted to play with that in post. I made the vibrance and saturation higher and the added a bit more yellow into the shot.

Organising Timeline

to have a good edit, I think its really important to keep your edit organised. I decided at this point, as it was filling up a lot, to go through and colour co-ordinate and label everything like I did at the start of the edit. This meant it was easier to find the right layer or part of the timeline I needed.




13th June 2017

Draft 3 Cut

Whilst taking all my feedback on board and making the adjustments, I finished the third draft of the film. I think I’m very close to finishing, it’s just fine tuning what I have now.

My Notes

  • colour correction opening shot
  • Change frame rate opening shot
  • Sort sound hospital shot
  • Shadows and patches on hopsital shot
  • Wobble on shot 3
  • fade in sound on dog fight
  • colour on rubies cube shot
  • colour number 7
  • wobble on number 7
  • sound Knott and fire
  • wobble on tree
  • font for tips
  • Add sound effects for last sequence
  • Change woo
  • add music for credits
  • organise timeines
  • slight cap sticker and tent
  • Add Kevin on rubies cube sound

Simons Feedback

  • Change voice over – some crackle
  • different music for start – too nice and to big of a contrast between the two pieces
  • Titles for mum and dad?
  • Aspect ratio
  • Add voice over to last sequence

I think the notes I got from myself and Simon are important to fine tune my edit, and make it the best it can be. Its just small details now that will make my film better and more professional.

15th June 2017

Making the changes from feedback

I got feedback from my edit and I needed to use it to make my film better. I decided to write all the important changes that I made.


I really liked my music, but from the feedback I got it didn’t fit in with my film. Simon said I should try find some different music that is more cheesy and quirky.

I found this music, which Simon said he liked more but I didn’t like it. I don’t think it went with the themes of my film at all. From the feedback I got when I added into my film, most people said it didn’t work. I decided to keep looking for different music.

I looked on the same musicians soundcloud to see what else he has done. I wanted some thing more simple so the narrative wouldn’t get lost in the music. I looked at his piano music and found this, which I was really pleased with. The feedback I got from this was much more positive. I think its simplisity worked better then the other music I had tried as it wasn’t overwhelming.

Patches on Hospital Shot

On the shot filmed in the hospital, there are patches on the wall which distracts the overall effect and colour. I wanted to get rid of these in the edit so it will look more effective. To do this, I went onto photoshop and got a screen shot of the shot. From this I filled in the patches with the paint tool. This was a better way of doing it then getting a small square and filling in because the colours matched the paint better.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 09.42.42.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 09.46.15

After this, I put it into Premier, and used it as an overlay and cropped it to the points where it needs it. This meant that the patches were filled in.

I think the overall effect makes the shot looks much better, as it looks more thought out and like its actually filmed next to a wall rather then a board.

Fixing bad sound

One of the main issues of my film is the sound from the hospital scene, which is one of the main problems I had during production. I talked to Simon and I found out how to fix the feedback and background noise.  I went onto Adobe Audition, a sound recording app. You can see from the picture below that there was a lot of background feedback.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 09.53.01

I selected the background noise and added it into the extracted section. I then selected the whole clip and changed the settings so it would get rid of any of this noise. From doing this you can see the difference that it made to the wave form.

When I put it into premier it sound a lot better. it got rid of all the feedback and made it a lot cleaner. It defiantly gives the film a more professional feel, just from this one piece of sound.

I did the same thing for my last shot of Kevin shouting into the sunset. There was too much background noise of wind and nature sounds that I didn’t want.

Finalising the Film

I’ve always said, clicking the final export button was one of the hardest parts for me, because I always want to make it better. With the deadline today, I went through carefully and made sure everything was up to my standard.

When I had done this, I exported as Vimeo 1080p and handed in my work.

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