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Final FMP Evaluation

Introduction Thought this project, I’ve been constantly evaluating myself so I know what I need to do and where I could go from each point. I decided to do an overall one at the end of this project to show … Continue reading

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Post Production and Evaluation- FMP

31st June 2017 Logging Rushes Now I’ve finished most of my filming, the first to any post production process is logging the rushes. I decided to label them as the scene, then the take. This is easier for me because … Continue reading

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Production and Evaluation – FMP

24th May 2017 Today I shot the first part of my production, which was the hospital scene at the start of the film. The set was already hard to work with with I was making it, so I knew that … Continue reading

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Treatment – FMP

Working Title      Genre     Log Line Did you ever want to follow your inner instinct to escape to the wild?   Synopsis A young boy was born on the INSERT named Kevin Rain. Most parents love there child unconditionally, but sometimes they don’t. From an old tattered book Kevin finds, he decides […]

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Personal Statement

I remember sneaking down stairs to watch films and TV shows that I was banned from seeing. It was only when I talked to my parents about my giant Jurassic Park style dinosaur dreams and my imaginary friend the Doctor that … Continue reading

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Presentation and Release – FMP

 24th May 2017 First Box Screening Meeting Today we had our first meeting planning the box screening. Its important to organise the screening now because it means we have time to get everything ready and prepared. We talked about what … Continue reading

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Project Diary – FMP

16.03.2016 This week we started idea generation (Idea Generation – FMP). This is the first stage of the long process to creating the end idea. We looked over how to create new ideas and the best ways to be productive. … Continue reading

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